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Our Location

709 Cascade Avenue 7th/Cascade

Hood River Suites are located in the heart of downtown Hood River at 709 Cascade Ave. 5 miles from Bingen, WA and White Salmon, WA. Close to Insitu. Located in the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area! 50 Miles East of Portland, Oregon.

Distances from Common Destinations

118 East Columbia River Way Bingen, Washington 98605— 5 mile(s) from Insitu Bingen
Insitu Oregon Wasco Offices – walking distance
Portland International Airport (PDX) 60 minute drive
Astoria — 150 mile(s) from Astoria
Bend — 142 mile(s) from Bend
BNSF Railway Co. — 2.50 mile(s) from BNSF Railway Co.
Bridge of the Gods — 20.00 mile(s) from Bridge of the Gods
Carson Hot Mineral Spring — 22.00 mile(s) from Carson Hot Mineral Spring
Cascade Locks — 20.00 mile(s) from Cascade Locks
Cathedral Ridge Winery
Columbia Gorge Discovery — 18.00 mile(s) from Columbia Gorge Discovery
Corvallie — 145 mile(s) from Corvallie
Dakine — 1.00 mile(s) from Dakine
Embarq — 1.0 mile(s) from Embarq
Eugene — 173 mile(s) from Eugene
Full Sail Brewery-walking distance
Hatchery/Swell City — 3.00 mile(s) from Hatchery/Swell City windsurfing & kiteboard
Hermiston — 124 mile(s) from Hermiston
Hood River Cinemas — .5 mile(s) from Hood River Cinemas
Hood River Vineyards
Ice Caves, — 60.00 mile(s) from Ice Caves, west of Trout Lake
Kennewick, — 149 mile(s) from Kennewick, WA
Klickitat River — 30.00 mile(s) from Klickitat River
Lincoln City — 165 mile(s) from Lincoln City
Long Beach, — 170 mile(s) from Long Beach, WA
Longview, — 104 mile(s) from Longview, WA
Lost Lake — 40.00 mile(s) from Lost Lake
Madras — 100 mile(s) from Madras

Maryhill Museum — 45.00 mile(s) from Maryhill Museum
Moses Lake, — 223 mile(s) from Moses Lake, WA
Mount Adam National Forest — 45.00 mile(s) from Mount Adam National Forest
Mount Hood National Forest — 25.00 mile(s) from Mount Hood National Forest
Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area — 35.00 mile(s) from Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area
Mt. Hood Railroad — 1.00 mile(s) from Mt. Hood Railroad
Multnomah Falls — 32.00 mile(s) from Multnomah Falls
Newport — 197 mile(s) from Newport
Olympia, — 168 mile(s) from Olympia, WA
Panorama Point — 5.00 mile(s) from Panorama Point
Pendleton — 145 mile(s) from Pendleton
Portland — 60.00 mile(s) from Portland
Portland Spirit Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge — 20.00 mile(s) from Portland Spirit
Providence Hood River Hospital
Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge
Prineville — 128 mile(s) from Prineville
Providence HR Hospital — 4.00 mile(s) from Providence HR Hospital
Redmon — 126 mile(s) from Redmon
Richland, — 164 mile(s) from Richland, WA
Salem — 109 mile(s) from Salem
Seattle, — 229 mile(s) from Seattle, WA
The Dalles — 20.00 mile(s) from The Dalles 20 min drive
Tillamook — 135 mile(s) from Tillamook
Timberline — 49.00 mile(s) from Timberline
Walla Walla, — 176 mile(s) from Walla Walla, WA
Western Antique Aeroplane and Automotive Museum
Wal-Mart — 2.50 mile(s) from Wal-Mart
Yakima, — 124 mile(s) from Yakima, WA

Local Technology Businesses

Insitu Bingen, Washington UAV Unmanned aircraft systems
ANPC Hood River Flight Navigation Systems
Google The Dalles Internet search
Hood Technology Hood River  Unmanned aerial vehicle systems and controls
Custom Interface Bingen, Wash. Contract electronics manufacturing
Electronics Assemblers Hood River  Contract electronics manufacturing
Summit Projects Hood River Internet ad agency
Innovative Composite Engineering Bingen, Wash. Carbon composite manufacturing
PPM Energy Various locations Wind-farm energy Hood River Internet service provider
Cloud Cap Technology Hood River Unmanned aircraft systems components
Real Carbon Hood River Custom carbon fiber parts manufacturing
Embarq  Hood River Local, long distance, Wi-Fi, Internet service provider
Providence Hood River Hospital